Why I LOVE the Twitter hearts

Twitter heart

Twitter changed their favourite star icon into a heart. Plenty of articles mention the disbelief and negative reactions on this change, but I actually think it’s an improvement.

  1. I never used favourites to store something
    There was a time when favourites were used to store tweets for later on. This way, the need to read something immediately was taken away and you could look up your favourites when it suits you. But I never did that. The speed of Twitter made sure there was always too much to read. I’d rather use the search function to look up articles.
  2. Fav-ing got a new meaning
    Tweets were not stored to favourites because people wanted to read them again. People clicked on the stars to show appreciation. The fav became a like.

Even when you do want to store tweets for reading them later on, you can still use the heart icon. And for liking a tweet, the heart makes more sense. As Twitter says: “You might like a lot of things, but not everything can be your favorite.”

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